Some bird species such as Pigeons are classified as pests, they not only are unhygienic by leaving droppings everywhere but can also cause a property to look terrible. People have also had tripping accidents due to the build-up of bird droppings on paths.

Pigeons, if given a chance can nest inside roof voids and with the large amounts of houses installing solar panels, pigeons are becoming a huge problem. We take bird control seriously, especially in urban areas. Our experienced technicians will efficiently rid you of the pests while abiding by all state rules and regulations.

After an extensive inspection, we can determine entry points and the best humane proofing for your property. We can install many options for controlling your bird problems.

We have proofed thousands of homes throughout Sydney from Pigeons and haven’t come across a proofing job yet that we couldn’t handle.

Please get in touch to discuss your bird proofing problems we are happy to help.

Tips for reducing bird infestations

  • Block possible entry points going into roof voids (ie around fascia boards and eaves).

  • Set up decoys (hanging old cd’s can sometimes work).

  • Set up physical barriers to stop them from roosting.

Protect your most valuable asset from birds

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