Most of the time your pets bring fleas into your house, once they are in, it can be hard to get rid of them. Flea infestations need specific treatments to get full control.

Flea control should involve both chemical and physical procedures to get full control. Our experienced pest technicians have treated thousands of Flea infestations in Sydney.

Did You Know Fleas only have an average lifespan of 30-90 days? Did you also know there are several different species of Fleas? There is dog, cat, bird, rat even human fleas.

Most of them will feed on their preferred hosts but if they are not available can change their diets.

The most common Flea found in homes is the cat Flea.

A flea can produce up to 2000 eggs in her lifetime.

Our pest technicians can fix your flea problems every time.

For the best results, a treatment needs to be done inside and outside (if possible). All our products used are extremely safe for the family and pets. The property needs to be vacated while treating until the chemicals have dried then it's fine to re-enter. All treatments to the home should be carried out with a treatment to your pets with an approved animal flea treatment product.

Mowing the lawns and vacuuming inside prior to the treatment is highly recommended.

Tips to reduce Flea infestations

  • Wash and Flea treat your pets regularly.

  • Regularly check under your pet's fur for Fleas.

  • Wash pet's bedding regularly.

  • Vacuum the house regularly.

Fleas can be annoying to all... not just pets

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