Rats are extremely common, most homes have had some sort of Rat infestation at one stage.

Rats are well known for spreading serious diseases but did you know they can also cause damage to your property. Rat's teeth grow very long if not maintained. Rats need to chew on things to keep their teeth short. Sometimes that can mean they chew through electrical wires and cause house fires.

Unfortunately, rats can be very difficult to get rid of. Winter forces Rats to enter homes looking for a warm place to nest. This is when they become a problem.

Rats around the property can contaminate food and damage household items such as stored photos, books, clothing, or even air conditioning.

They can also bring other pests onto the property such as fleas and ticks.

It’s been reported in the United States 20% of all house fires are caused by Rats chewing through wires.

Why Seek Professional Help?

Our Rat treatments use guaranteed methods of rat control.  Our technicians are well experienced to tackle the problem. Rats are neophobic (scared of new objects), so correct placement of baits is essential.

Tips For Reduce Rat Infestations

  • They forage looking for food, water and shelter. Reducing easily found food sources is recommended such as dog and cat food left outside.

  • Block potential access holes such as the bottom gap under subfloor manholes.

  • Seal up gaps around pipe entry points. Rats don’t need much space between the pipe and wall to squeeze in.

Protect your property from possible house fires

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