At Greenleaf Pest Control We know how a few spiders around the house can make people feel uneasy.  We have been treating Sydney homes for over two decades and we have seen how important it is for people to have a spider-free home.

All our products are non-toxic and extremely effective against webbing spiders.

Some information about common spiders

  • Black House Spider

    The most common spider found around the home. These spiders are not considered a worry. Yes they make webs all over the place but their bite, to most people, only results in a dull ache around the bite.

  • Redback Spiders

    These spiders are also very common. Unfortunately, these spiders are a bit more of a worry. Found all around the property but love nesting close to the ground. Some places they are found around the property is the base of pool fences, gates, or under stored items. Easy to identify with their red stripe along its back. Bites should be monitored by a health professional but first aid is to apply an ice pack.

  • Funnel webs

    These spiders are the worst out of all spiders found around Sydney. They are ground-dwelling spiders, so they live under rocks or in burrows in the ground. Often found in pools too. First aid is a compression bandage past the next limb and seek a medical professional. These spiders tend to be seen more around Dec-Feb as they roam around looking for mates.

  • Huntsman

    These spiders are misunderstood. They are actually natural pest controllers eating smaller nastier spiders around your home. Yes, they are big and scary looking but their bite is harmless.

  • White tail

    These spiders are considered as a roaming spider, that is they have no nest. Over the years there have been different opinions of these spiders. Some people get a bad reaction to their bites others almost nothing.

Tips for reducing spiders around the home

  • Don’t have outside lights on all the time. The lights attract the bugs and the bugs attract the spiders.

  • Keep shoes stored on racks and off the ground.

  • Reduce vegetation where possible.

Protect your family from dangerous spiders

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